Roushani Design Story

The Roushani Design Story

The Roushani Design Clothing story is a unique combination of photography & fashion created by photographer & designer, Sadegh (Stevie) Roushani. He is director of Uniquestar Promotions and Roushani Design.

With his ambition to promote beautiful Iranian culture and Persian history through art and fashion, Roushani Design is a photorealism based clothing line built from real photographs that have been hand crafted into unique,
high quality clothing.

Each design has a great Persian historical story or meaning behind the context of the image. From ancient Persian cities of Persepolis, Isfahan and Shiraz, to modern art and architecture. The Roushani Design story extends to the greatest depths of photography beauty acquired in real life, and brings it into the status of high quality clothing that never fades.

Sadegh Roushani (Stevie)


Stevie Roushani Profile

Sadegh Roushani (Stevie) is the man behind Roushani Design. He has an incredible background in creative design, photo journalism and advanced photography. This gives him the ability to capture amazing images that can be transformed into very high quality products. From the young age of fifteen years old, Sadegh Roushani (Stevie), was a professional photographer in Iran.

He was specialising in capturing real life action, art and historical sites, in incredible light and detail, which gave him the idea of Photo Realism. This is where the images are so realistic and can be life size.People are amazed that a high quality image can be printed on paper, material, vinyl, cloth, or woven into fine Persian carpet, while keeping the 3 dimensional look and feeling.

Stevie’s talents as a professional motorcyclist took him around the world, where he would see photographic opportunities everywhere. He became a specialist photographer for many worldwide corporations, which took him to the Gold Coast Australia, his current home.

This is where he created his companies, Unique Star Promotions and Roushani Design. Also his passion for ‘action photography’ leads him to become the head photographer for the Australian Stunt Academy for the last 15 years.

His childhood dream has now become his current ambition. To put all of his creativity, knowledge and experience into promoting his birth country of Iran, through his art, photography, and Roushani Design Clothing, which he is doing successfully.

Sadegh Roushani’s art and creative photography have been so highly recognised, some items are now on display at high level venues, including international embassies, 5star hotels, large corporations and government buildings.

Nobby Beach 4218 – QLD, Australia

Purchases made locally can be arranged to either be delivered or
can be picked up upon request with your order.